New FAQ, New Insurance Law for New York, and International Support

New FAQ for Health Care Professionals
Question #32, How do I identify women who are at higher risk who should have MRI? has been added to the Health Care Professionals FAQ list. This FAQ provides an overview of ACR recommendations for risk assessment and screening for women at higher risk for breast cancer.

Expanded Insurance Coverage in New York
Effective 9/1/2019: For large group policies that provide coverage for hospital, surgical or medical care an annual mammogram for covered persons aged thirty-five through thirty-nine, inclusive, upon the recommendation of a physician, subject to the insurer’s determination that the mammogram is medically necessary. This coverage is not subject to annual deductibles or coinsurance. The DB-I Legislative Map has been updated to reflect this change.

International Support
The European Society of Radiology (ESR) tweeted and helped raise awareness of the DB-I CME opportunity for European providers and the publication authored by Drs. Berg and Vourtsis.

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