DB-I in the New York Times

New York Times Article

Dr. Wendie Berg, DB-I’s chief scientific advisor, was quoted in the November 27, 2019 article in the New York Times reporting on results from the Dutch DENSE (Dense Tissue and Early Breast Neoplasm Screening) study. The study, “Supplemental MRI Screening for Women with Extremely Dense Breast Tissue”, published November 28, 2019 in the New England Journal of Medicine, concluded “the use of supplemental MRI screening in women with extremely dense breast tissue and normal results on mammography resulted in the diagnosis of significantly fewer interval cancers than mammography alone during a 2-year screening period.” 

Off to RSNA?

Our salute and wishes for safe travels to the road warriors making their way to Chicago for the 105th Scientific and Annual Assembly. Dr. Berg, JoAnn Pushkin and many of DB-I’s medical advisors and European Education Ambassadors will be in attendance. We hope the conference will be productive for all and hope you get a chance to meet with some of our representatives.