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Legislation News: Georgia Signs On!

Georgia joins the ranks of those states that have breast density inform laws. The state became the 38th to require health care facilities conducting mammograms to provide some form of notification about breast density to patients and referring health care providers. Bill HB62 —also known as Margie's Law—was named for Margie Singleton who led the advocacy effort on this issue after she was diagnosed with breast cancer that was missed due to dense breast tissue.

You can read our full press release here.

Check out our interactive map for the full list of states with breast density inform laws and our National Reporting Standard page for the latest on the FDA's Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA).



The Case for Screening at 40

Do you have questions about when to kick off your breast cancer screening? Our updated Patient and Provider FAQ says 40 is the age to start. Breast cancer is the number one cause of death in women aged 35 - 54 years. Earlier screening gives patients and providers an edge on finding cancer in its early stages. Younger women are more likely to have dense breast tissue which means cancers can hide like a snowflake in a snowstorm.

Refer to our new FAQ for more details on the benefits of mammography screening at 40, including more detail on insurance coverage issues, demystifying "false positives" and screening for women with dense breasts.

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