Success: Free CME Month!

The numbers are in! The free CME month promoted by our Educational Supporters in September was enormously successful. Enrollment for the course showed a ten-fold increase over the previous two months. Many thanks to our Supporters who were exclusive promoters of the promotion. Enrollees overwhelmingly rated the course as “Excellent” and provided valuable feedback about why it was useful to them.

Below are just a few of the direct quotes from enrollees:

  • “This gave me the information that I would need to have an educated conversation with patients and providers alike.”
  • “I much better understand the implications of density noted on the reports I’m getting. I also now understand the difference between imaging techniques and when to use them.”
  • “I will recommend additional screening more often in women with dense tissue.”
  • “Many women presenting for screening ask about density now. This course has explained how important a risk factor density can be.”
  • “I am now better equipped to suggest adjuvant modalities based on density and other risk factors.”
  • “I will pay more attention to breast density reports on mammograms and advise additional screening when indicated.”

Our thanks to all of you for your efforts to promote this educational opportunity to your contacts. We look forward to Free CME 2020!