Pennsylvania Insurance Coverage and New Research

Pennsylvania Insurance Law
Signed on July 1st, the new law requires insurers to cover breast MRIs and ultrasounds for women with:

  • Extremely dense breast tissue
  • High-risk factors for breast cancer such as a personal history of breast cancer, a family history of breast cancer or a genetic predisposition
  • Heterogeneously dense breast tissue and one other high-risk factor

The patient may still be responsible for out-of-pocket expenses (copay/deductible/co-insurance). The law goes into effect August 30, 2020 but is subject to individual policy applicability dates. For more information on state inform and insurance laws, click HERE for DB-I U.S. map content (or HERE for data in table format).

New Research
DB-I UK Education Ambassador Dr. Nick Perry is lead author on a new study published in Diagnostics 2020, Mammographic Breast Density and Urbanization: Interactions with BMI, Environmental, Lifestyle and Other Patient Factors. The study examined the association of various factors, including both residing in and working in the urban setting, with mammographic breast density.