Board and Website Updates

Website Update/ Tech Tab Table

Our Medical Advisory Board has been hard at work! Please see our updated and expanded table, Summary of Cancer Detection Rates by Screening Methods (European visitors, click HERE). It is a popular resource and compares, by modality and breast density category, the added cancer detection rate, the impact on false positive rate, and details the types of cancers seen. We hope you find this comprehensive comparison helpful.  

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 At 11.05.08 AM 



We are delighted to welcome Robin Seitzman, PhD, MPH,  to our Board of Directors in her role as Director of Education and Epidemiology Research. Dr. Seitzman is an epidemiologist with over 20 years of experience in the design, conduct, and analysis of epidemiologic research in both the private and public sectors.  She has collaborated with DB-I on the design and conduct of several research studies on breast density knowledge in healthcare providers. One of her immediate projects will be the development of additional CME/CE course materials based on DB-I website content. Learn more about our team HERE (European visitors, click HERE).