New Study in Radiology on Supplemental Screening

New Study

In a recent publication in Radiology, researchers from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden used AI to analyze breast density, presence of masses and calcifications, and differences between right and left breasts to successfully predict women who would develop interval cancer or advanced cancer in the two years after a normal mammogram; their model proved more accurate than traditional risk models and can augment genetic/family history to help identify women who should and, importantly, who should not have supplemental screening after 2D mammography.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month Reminders

In support of #BCAM, DB-I has launched an education initiative for both the patient and health provider communities:

#DenseBreastDay™ is this Wednesday, Sept 30th. It will be a full day social media blitz for the general public hosted in conjunction with Yale Medicine. Educational tweets will be posted every half hour, please share! Europe-specific content tweets and posts in Spanish are included in the day’s schedule.