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"Have dense breasts…now what?"

  1. DO NOT WORRY. DENSE BREASTS ARE NORMAL. On average, about 40% of women of mammography age have dense breasts. By decade, more than 50% of women in their 40s have dense breasts as do about 40% of women in their 50s, just under 30% of women in their 60s, and 25% of women in their 70s.
  2. PRINT THE RISK CHECKLIST English | Spanish (see: Quick Links box). Print, complete and review with your health care provider to establish both your risk assessment profile and a breast screening plan right for you.
  3. SPEAK WITH YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER. Women with dense breasts (heterogeneously dense or extremely dense) benefit from additional screening. The addition of any type of screening after your mammogram, such as ultrasound or MRI, finds more cancers than mammography alone. Review the helpful chart: Is My Mammogram Enough? and ask your health care provider what may be appropriate for you.
  4. EDUCATE YOURSELF. Dense breast educational tools include:
  5. Patient Fact Sheet Patient Fact Sheet in Spanish Frequently Asked Questions for Patients
  6. Educational Videos Educational Videos in Spanish

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