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Beyond Advocacy into Education

DenseBreast-info.org was developed as a comprehensive, medically-sourced educational tool. Our mission is to objectively inform “dense breast” conversations occurring as a result of advocacy efforts.

Advocacy raises awareness.

Advocacy efforts have led to the enactment of nearly 40 state "inform" laws and federal legislation which requires the Food and Drug Administration to develop national breast density reporting standards for patient letters and health provider reports. Passage of these laws mean patients and their health care providers must navigate new conversations about the relevance of dense tissue. While patient advocacy is important and raises general awareness about breast density, advocacy is not necessarily unbiased and can be based on personal stories or opinions, or might only use research that supports its approach.

Therefore, there is a critical need for an education-based resource to help both patients and their health care providers understand the implications of breast density in terms of screening and risk, and the considerations in addressing them.

Education presents facts.

DenseBreast-info.org (DB-I) was developed in response to the recognized need for educational material to inform new discussions arising in the context of density inform legislation. Education is an objective approach, providing guidance based on peer-reviewed clinical research and possible outcomes. While advocacy efforts raise awareness, it is medically-sourced tools, like DB-I, that inform conversations between a woman and her health care provider about actual next steps.

DB-I content is medically-sourced, vetted, and under constant review. Our Medical Advisory Board consists of world-renowned breast imaging experts and medical reviewers. Among other tools, the website hosts an interactive map with legally-vetted analysis of existing state “inform” laws. The website, a resource for both patients and health care providers, instructs on the implications of dense tissue, from multiple perspectives and relevant research, and presents options available in addressing them.

In a comparative study, DB-I was found to be the “most up-to-date, comprehensive site for breast density knowledge [1].” We are delighted it has become the go-to resource for patients, health care providers, researchers, the media, and legislators.

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1. Harvey, J. Breast density websites: Where to send your patients and referring providers for information. Society of Breast Imaging (SBI) Member Newsletter 2016; 3

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