JACR Publication on Density Awareness and ECR2020

JACR Publication on Breast Density Awareness

A November 19, 2019 online publication in the Journal of the American College of Radiology (JACR) found an increase in breast density awareness in women aged 40 to 70 years in the 5-year period from 2012 (57.5%) to 2017 (65.8%). The study, Breast Density Awareness, Knowledge, and Attitudes Among US Women: National Survey Results Across 5 Years,  found that although knowledge of breast density’s impact on risk increased, there was no increase in knowledge about the masking effect of breast density. 

This survey highlights the vital need for patient education provided by DB-I and the importance of directing women to this resource. Among other efforts to highlight our educational tool, DB-I participates in an ongoing project with Google Ads to ensure that “DB-I” populates as the first/second listing when terms  “dense breasts” or “breast density” are searched for the first time from an IP address. In addition, our frequent social media posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have been effective in increasing awareness of the resources available on our site.

ECR2020 Meeting

Our poster, “European expansion of DenseBreast-info.org educational resource” will be featured as both an electronic poster (EPOS) and Voice of EPOS at the ECR meeting in March. Look for us there!