DB-I Audience Growth Update

Have you noticed the new pop-up when you log on to the DB-I site? It’s a short form inviting visitors to sign-up for ongoing updates from DB-I.  And they are!  We are averaging 40+ new contacts/week, with nearly 500 added to our database already. While only our Educational Supporters and Medical Advisory Board receive these insider Fast Fact Friday emails, our general list of nearly 6,000 contacts receives monthly email updates highlighting breast density news/implications and available educational tools on the site.  

We are on track for 200,000 website visitors this year – wonder where everyone heads once they log on?  The top three pages accessed are:

1.       Mammography/3D Mammography/Tomosynthesis

2.       Risk Model Calculators

3.       Breast Ultrasound

Thank you for your continued engagement and support!